Fuji Massage Chair: Brand History & Impressive Features

Are you curious to know about the Fuji massage chair and its impressive features and advanced technology? If you’ve ever experienced the blissful relief of a massage, imagine having that soothing experience in the comfort of your own home or office.

The Fuji massage chair makes this dream a reality, bringing the benefits of professional massage therapy directly to you.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Fuji massage chairs, exploring the brand’s fascinating history, the diverse range of products they offer, and the innovative features and technology that set them apart from the rest.

History of Fuji Massage Chair

DRFUJI/ACIGI CO. is a renowned brand under which DRBOSS, DRFUJI, ASAHI, ACIGI, and “The King of Medical Massage Chair” are produced.

With a history spanning 30 years, the company was founded by Dr. Fuji, a former orthopedic surgeon with a background in Eastern medicine.

In addition to providing acupuncture treatments, Dr. Fuji’s vision led to the development of innovative health, wellness, and fitness equipment, including medical chiropractic massage chairs.

These products gained endorsement from medical doctors and professional athletes, resulting in a surge in market demand. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, DRFUJI/ACIGI CO. continues to thrive as a multimillion-dollar international business, committed to enhancing people’s quality of life.

Their flagship model, “The King of Medical Massage Chair,” symbolizes the pinnacle of comfort, therapeutic benefits, and technological innovation.

Today, their products are highly regarded worldwide, reflecting their relentless pursuit of innovation in the health and wellness industry.

Product Range of Fuji Massage Chair

Here is a six-product range of Fuji massage chairs along with their brief descriptions:

1. FJ-8300 (with AI-3D):

One of Fuji’s best-selling models, the FJ-8300 offers 10 automatic functions and features hand rollers for relieving hand muscles. With a full-length L-track and 42 airbags, it provides a deep, full-body massage experience.

2. FJ-6910 (Gold Edition):

The flagship model of Fuji, the FJ-6910 combines best-in-class massage technology with a sleek design.

It offers intensity adjustment, 24 massage techniques, Bluetooth connectivity, and heating capabilities for an enhanced massage experience.

3. FJ-8000 Space Smart (AI-3D and larger LED):

The FJ-8000 massage chair offers a unique experience with a larger LED screen and AI function.

It features 114 airbags, an S-L backtrack, body scan technology, and a zero-gravity position for ultimate relaxation.

4. FJ-8400 (King of Medical Massage):

The FJ-8400 is a top-selling model with 8 preset automatic functions and an L-Track system that massages down to the glutes.

It offers full-body scan technology, zero-gravity position, removable backrest and seat cushions, and 42 airbags.

5. FJ-8600 (Supreme Tai Chi Massage with AI-3D):

The FJ-8600 provides customizable massage therapy modes and a comprehensive full-body massage experience.

It features body scan technology, foot rollers, full-body and feet heating, Bluetooth capabilities, and a touchscreen remote.

6. FJ-8500 (AI-4D Luxury):

The FJ-8500 is a high-end model offering 24 auto modes and advanced 4D massage technology.

It includes features like a truly ergonomic S-L track, body scan technology, form-fitting adjustability, zero-gravity sleep system, and a 7″ bright LCD touch screen.

Features and Specifications of the Fuji Massage Chair

Here are the specifications and features of the six Fuji massage chair models:

1. FJ-8300 (with AI-3D):


  • 10 Automatic Modes
  • Full-body Scan Technology
  • 42 Air Bags
  • V-angle Bridge Position
  • Long S+L Curved Rail
  • 2nd Gen Intelligent Machine
  • Triple Sole & Hand Rollers


  • Promotes blood circulation by squeezing the body
  • Bi-directional leg Extension for a perfect fit
  • Super Long S-L Track for full-body relaxation
  • 3 Stage Foot Rollers for targeted foot massage
  • Hand rollers relieve hand muscle stress
  • Medical benefits of massage therapy

2. FJ-6910 (Gold Edition):


  • Intensity adjustment
  • Massage Techniques Selector with 24 combinations
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Heating capabilities (back, knee, and feet)
  • Touch Screen Display for easy control
  • SD Technology for deep massages


  • Full-body scan & SD massage technology
  • One-touch zero-gravity function
  • Hand-mimicking airbags for a realistic massage
  • Customizable massage experience
  • Sleek design and user profile creation

3. FJ-8000 Space Smart (AI-3D and larger LED):


  • 114 pcs Airbag Support
  • Bluetooth Surround System
  • S-L BackTrack
  • Body Scan Technology
  • Zero-Gravity position


  • Full-body compression massage with adjustable intensity
  • Bluetooth speakers for personalized music
  • S-L BackTrack for powerful neck and waist massages
  • Height detection and adjustment for a customized experience
  • Zero-gravity position for stress relief

4. FJ-8400 (King of Medical Massage):


  • 8 Preset Automatic Functions
  • Complete L-Track Massage System
  • Full-Body Scan Technology
  • Zero-Gravity Position
  • Removable Backrest and Seat Cushions
  • Heat On/Off Thermotherapy
  • Dynamic Squeeze with 42 Air Bags
  • Easy-to-use Remote Control


  • Easy-to-use controls with one-touch functions
  • Complete L-Track Massage for full-body coverage
  • Adjustability for intensity and heat therapy
  • Dynamic Squeeze with airbags for improved circulation
  • Removable cushions for personalized comfort

5. FJ-8600 (Supreme Tai Chi Massage with AI-3D):


  • Full Body Heat
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Auto Body Scan
  • Roller & Airbag Combo
  • S & L Track
  • U-shape pillow
  • Touch Screen Remote
  • Memory function


  • Full-body and foot heating for enhanced relaxation
  • Bluetooth capabilities for personalized music
  • Automatic body scan for optimized massage positions
  • Roller and airbag combo for lower body massage
  • S & L Track for precise massage coverage
  • U-shape pillow for temple massage
  • Touch Screen Remote for easy control
  • Memory function to save user profiles and favorite massage therapies

6. FJ-8500 (AI-4D Luxury):


  • Rated Voltage: 110-120V
  • Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Power Consumption: 200W
  • Chair Dimension: 62.232.6836.42 inches
  • Net Weight: 298 lbs.


  • Full suite of auto and manual customizability
  • 4D Deep Massage Therapy for a lifelike massage experience
  • Zero-Gravity Sleep System for ultimate relaxation
  • Thai-Strength Body Bridge Traction for Stretching Benefits
  • Signature Stretch – Leg Extension for improved flexibility
  • Ergonomic S-L Track for proper spinal alignment
  • Full-body scan with memory for personalized massages
  • 42 Head-to-Toe Air Bags for comprehensive air massage
  • Form-Fitting Adjustability for a comfortable fit
  • Heat On/Off for soothing warmth
  • 7″ Bright LCD Touch Screen for easy navigation
  • Bluetooth Surround Sound for enhanced relaxation

Comparison Table of Fuji Massage Chair

Model FJ-8300 FJ-6910 FJ-8000 FJ-8400 FJ-8600 FJ-8500
Automatic Modes 10 6 8 24 24
Full-body Scan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Air Bags 42 114 42 114 42
Bridge Position V-angle
L-Track Long S+L Curved Rail S-L BackTrack Complete L-Track S & L Track Ergonomic S-L Track
Hand Rollers Triple Sole & Hand Rollers Quad Style Roller
Bi-Directional Leg Extension Yes
Heating Yes Yes (Back, Knee, Feet) Yes Heat On/Off Thermotherapy Full Body Heat Heat On/Off
Zero-Gravity Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Body Scan Yes Yes yes
Memory Yes
Weight (lbs.) 298 lbs.

Pros & Cons of Fuji Massage Chairs


  • Advanced Technology: Fuji Massage Chairs incorporate features like AI-3D, full-body scan technology, and SD massage technology, ensuring a personalized and targeted massage experience.
  • Comprehensive Massage Coverage: The chairs offer features like V-angle Bridge Position, Long S+L Curved Rail, and S-L BackTrack, providing extensive coverage for the entire body, including the neck, waist, and legs.

Demonstration of S & SL Track in Fuji Massage Chair

  • Customizability: Many models offer adjustable intensity, massage technique selection, and customizable experiences, allowing users to tailor the massage to their preferences.
  • Relaxation and Health Benefits: Fuji Massage Chairs aim to promote relaxation, relieve muscle stress, improve blood circulation, and offer various medical benefits associated with massage therapy.
  • Additional Features: Several models come with added features such as Bluetooth connectivity, heating capabilities, touchscreen displays, and memory functions for enhanced convenience and comfort.


  • Price: Fuji Massage Chairs are generally high-end products, and their advanced features and technologies contribute to their higher price range, which may not be affordable for everyone.
  • Space and Weight: Some models, such as the FJ-8500 (AI-4D Luxury), have large dimensions and significant weight, which may require ample space and make them challenging to move or transport.
  • Limited Availability: Fuji Massage Chairs may not be readily available in all locations, and access to customer support or servicing could be limited in certain regions.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from users:

  • I love that this chair doesn’t look huge. Such Luxurious and classy. The sides come in a bit and it visually looks trimmer so you’re getting a large full-size chair but it doesn’t look like those giant spaceship chairs. The features are so amazing, especially for a lady who is a personal trainer like myself. recommend it.” – Lucy
  • “Fantastic product- This is the best massage chair we have ever tried. Easy to use, great features, great looks. The foot massage gives great relief and the sciatic massage is fantastic.” – Glen Allen
  • “Best massage chair. I have had long-term issues in my upper back and neck from a car accident I had when I was younger and I have been a long-time massage chair owner as a result. I was looking for a new chair and neck and shoulder massage this chair can do is the best I have ever felt. I can say enough about the quality of the neck and shoulder massage on this chair. I haven’t felt relief like this in years. I highly recommend it, plus it doesn’t hurt my wife loves the foot massage.” – Henry H.


In conclusion, Fuji massage chairs offer impressive features and advanced technology that bring professional massage therapy to your home or office.

With their comprehensive massage coverage, customizable experiences, and additional benefits like Bluetooth connectivity and heating capabilities, Fuji massage chairs provide relaxation and health benefits.

While they may come with a higher price tag and require proper maintenance, their quality and customer satisfaction make them a worthwhile investment.


Q: Are Fuji Massage Chairs Easy to Maintain?

Fuji massage chairs are designed to be relatively low maintenance. Regularly cleaning the surface and following the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions will help keep the chair in optimal condition.

Q: How Much Space Does a Fuji Massage Chair Require?

Fuji massage chairs come in various sizes, so the space required may differ depending on the model. It’s essential to measure the available space in your home or office and check the product dimensions to ensure it fits comfortably.

Q: Can Children Use a Fuji Massage Chair?

While some Fuji massage chairs may have features suitable for children, it’s essential to supervise them during use. It’s recommended to check the product specifications and guidelines to determine if the chair is safe and appropriate for children.

Demonstration of Fuji Massage Chair

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