Best Massage Chair Under 2000

In today’s busy world, taking out time to have some rest is a challenging task. However, technology has come to the rescue with one of its greatest inventions that is massage chairs.

These chairs help you pamper, destress and relax after a hectic day. They are not even difficult to use and you can have it all in the comfort of your home.


In simple words, if you have muscle pain, tiredness or simply want to have some “me time” then massage chairs are the right choice for you. However, in the market that is full of options, choosing that best, suitable and also economical massage chair is a task itself. But, don’t worry! We have made the process easy for you.


With the help of our experience and thorough research, we have selected some of the best massage chair under 2000. We have reviewed them on the basis of their features, benefits, prices, reviews, quality and performance. 


Moreover, there’s more to it than just recommendations. We have delved into the science behind the massage therapies and  techniques they offer. So, gear up as we explore the world of best massage chairs.


Title Specifications Image Prices
truMedic Instashiatsu Massage Chair, MC-1000, 264 Pound
  1. 3D Rollers
  2. 7 Massage Techniques
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Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800
  1. Affordable
  2. It has almost all the functions
  3. Saves Space
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Cozzia 16018 Shiatsu Massage Chair
  1. It can serve people who are up to 6 ‘2 tall. 
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Real Relax 2022 Massage Chair of Dual-core S Track, Recliner of Full Body Massage Zero Gravity
  1. It has almost all the features of a great massage chair
  2. 6 massage techniques
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RELAXONCHAIR [MK-Classic Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-in Heat and Air Massage System
  1. L Track
  2. People up to 6’5” tall can use
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How We Reviewed Best Massage Chair Under 2000?

We come across thousands of massage chairs online. However, most of them are of a questionable quality. Some have this lacking and some lack that. But there were some factors on which we chose these best massage chair under 2000.

We went through reviews and scanned retailer’s websites like Amazon and Ebay. Let us break down some of the features we considered a must when making this list.


Heating plays a vital role in relaxing one’s body. Therefore, a therapist’s hands and warm towel is used to relax the person receiving the massage. So, we consider this feature a must.


Many people love their chair to recline as it helps them relax their muscles. So, we chose chairs that have a reclining feature even if it’s a partial one.

Full coverage

Usually massage chairs cover only a small area. However, we made sure that these chairs cover the upper back and lower back. Some of these chairs also cover the feet, neck and hands.

2 different intensity settings

We ensured that the chairs offer both, low and high intensities. So people can choose one based on their needs.

Increased weight limit

Some of the chairs cannot bear heavy weights and have limitations. However, we made sure that the chairs are designed to also manage people who are healthy.

Kneading massage setting

Usually the chairs available simply vibrate. However, we preferred the ones that also give kneading. 

Longer warranty

Usually the chairs have a short warranty, like a year warranty but we chose the chairs with longer warranty.

Extra features

All the mentioned features are more than enough but what we preferred were some added extra features as well. Timers, built in speakers, adjustments and more were also considered when selecting the chairs.


Product 1

TruMedic Instashiatsu Massage Chair, MC-1000


If you are looking for a thorough massage after a tiring day, this massage chair is ideal for you. Yes, you heard it right! It is a full body massage chair. It also tilts back and grips you so you can let go of all the worries and enjoy the experience. 


It has the quality to give you a number of massage therapies so you feel like you are taken care of by a professional therapist. Cherry on top, it also scans your body to know exactly where you need massages and what is your body position so it can treat you in a customized way.

It also comes with a remote so you can easily manage the therapy, stop it and also connect the speakers to your phone and more.



Rollers and Airbag

This chair comes with airbags and 6 rollers. The aim behind these rollers is that they travel along your spine and give massages from the upper back to the lower back (thighs). This ensures that your whole body gets the massage it desperately needs.

From the upper back, shoulders and toes, it ensures that you get a thorough massage. Moreover, the airbags stretch the muscles to give you the sensation you were looking for. 


It has armrests and footrests and both give the most needed massage to the hands and feet. 

Zero Gravity

As you start receiving the massage experience, it will tilt back and lift the leg rest up. It will hold you securely and give the soothing massage you were looking for. 

Full Body Scan

It is like having a customized massage. As it scans the body, it will point out the parts that are tense and need comfort. So, this comes in handy to get a focused massage on the areas that need it the most.

Multiple Massages

As the name Shiatsu suggests, it has multiple massage options. You have the privilege to use this massage to soothe one spot or the whole body.

The functions that this massage chair has are finger kneading, backrub, pressing and tapping and knocking. Moreover, you can mix these functions up or use one at a time.

LCD Remote

The remote allows you to go through many types of massages this chair offers. It also lets you control the built-in speakers and connect to other devices. Moreover, you can also immediately press the stop button if you want to end the experience. 



  • 3D Rollers
  • 7 Massage Techniques



  • It lacks heating functionality
  • It is available in only one colour that is black


Product 2

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 (Brown)


This massage chair also has the same features as any other best chairs. It is L shaped and helps give massage to the whole body. It comes with 3 speeds, intensity settings and massage techniques. Furthermore, it also focuses on the particular spots to relieve pain from. 



Zero Gravity

This type is proven to be an effective massage technique. All it needs is only 3 inches of wall space for the positions.

Dual Foot Rollers

The intensity of dual foot rollers can be overwhelming for some but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be dealt with by adding an extra padding.


This track helps give massage to the whole body, from upper back to the lower. This also helps relieve sciatica pain.

Manual Massage Techniques

It helps you choose from 5 different types of massages, including shiatsu, tapping, kneading, rolling and a combination of tapping/kneading.

Body Scan

It is a must feature in the great massage chairs. So yes, it has a computerized body scan feature that allows you to get the desired massage according to your need, shape and size.

Adjustment Options

The speed and intensity can be adjusted to 3 different levels, and massages can be focused on particular areas of the body.

Auto Programs

It has different programs like Yoga-Stretching program that focuses on increasing circulation. And SH-Chiro program which is helpful in relieving stress and tension in your spine.

Heating Therapy

It is a cherry on top and better heals the body and reduces pain. It is like the expensive therapies people use in which warm towels are used.



  • Affordable
  • It has almost all the functions
  • Saves Space


  • Feet rollers can be painful 
  • Not suitable for tall people


Product 3

Cozzia 16018 Shiatsu Massage Chair


For this budget we have to keep in mind, this massage chair fits well. It is loaded with features. It comes with rollers that move in 3 dimensions, has body scanning features, different massage styles and more.



Quad Rollers and S track Design

Quad rollers are preferred by almost everyone because they give the feeling of human hands. Whereas S track is designed to give a thorough massage in 3 directions.

Massage Techniques

It has 3 massage styles available, rolling, shiatsu, kneading, tapping and dual action. Getting these styles at this price is a blessing because other chairs in this price range barely have these.

3D Body Scan

If the rollers are not calming your sore spots then the massage is of no use. But this chair scans your back and ensures that it adjusts itself to it. This gives enough attention to your pressure points.

Air Massage Mode

It has about 20 second generation airbags. These bags provide an excellent massage and treat the feet, hips, feet, calves and lower arms.

Lumbar Heating Therapy

The heating therapy is essential these days but this chair has it for the lumbar region.

Vibration Massage

It also gives a vibration massage that increases the blood flow in the body, especially highs and thighs.


You can control these features through a remote click. Moreover, the remote is easy to operate.


  • It can serve people who are up to 6 ‘2 tall. 


  • No Timer Adjustment
  • No Foot Rollers


Product 4

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity


When it comes to the number of features, this one is liked by almost all. However, like others, people have some complaints with this also but overall it is a good massage chair to try in this price range.


Back and Foot Heating

The heating pads placed in the back and feet area help relieve the pain and increase blood circulation. 

Foot Massage

It also has airbags and rollers that give a wonderful experience to users. Also, footrests can also be extended in case people have long legs.

Easy to Assemble and Move

The intensity and timer can be controlled. Secondly, assembling it is also pretty easy. Moreover, the handy rollers make it convenient to move it from one place to the other.

Manual Recline and Zero Gravity

It has the zero gravity feature and it holds you as you are experiencing massage therapy. Also, even if it isn’t connected to the electricity, it can be used as a recliner.

Automatic Programs

It comes with 6 different massage techniques. You can choose either and unwind. 



  • It has almost all the features of a great massage chair
  • 6 massage techniques



  • People up to 6’1 tall can use it


Product 5

RELAXONCHAIR [MK-CLASSIC] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu


This long L shaped massage chair is an expert to give you the comfort you were looking for. Overall, there are more people who are fond of it and some of its features are pretty unique when you compare. 


Body Scan

This feature examines the spine and pressure points and then gives the suitable massage.

Massage Techniques

It has 7 different massage programs. These programs include deep tissue massage programs and stretching.

3 Stage Zero Gravity

It has 3 stages for zero gravity. In simple words, this means that you can choose the reclining angle that works the best.

L Track

People prefer L track over S track because it extends to the lower body to give you relief.

Airbags and Speed Adjustments

The intensity and airbag pressure can be adjusted to 3 levels. So you can decide which one works for you.

5 Manual Programs

There are 5 manual programs and they include tapping, kneading, shiatsu, rolling and the combination of tapping and rolling. 

Foot Massage

It is the airbags that give healing compression to the feet and calves while rollers offer kneading on the feet.

Arm Massage

There are about 42 airbags and they also extend the massage to give the arm massage.



  • L Track
  • People up to 6’5” tall can use


  • Intensity of calf massage can be high for some
  • Slim design



Now we have enough examples of the best massage chair under 2000. Every massage chair is versatile in features, prices and quality. However, all are under $2000. The final choice is up to your preference. 


Don’t forget to share which one is your choice. Every product here is listed with expert opinion. Bye for now!


Buyers Guide

Why should I buy a massage chair from?

It is important to shop for these chairs from renowned stores. It is equally important to choose the one that comes with a warranty. Moreover, these chairs do make people relaxed but they are not a cure for any disease. So if a vendor claims so, take it as a red flag.

What should be there in a massage chair?

It depends on what you are looking for in a massage chair. For instance, if you want it to have an overall body massage then you should pick the one that comes with foot massage rollers as well.

What will I do if I don’t like my massage chair?

No matter where you are shopping from, it is essential to check the return policy. These policies vary from seller to seller. However, the one giving you more time to return it is a good choice.


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