GINTELL Massage Chair Review – Is it Worth it?

GINTELL was established in 1996 in Malaysia. This brand isn’t just about massage chairs – it’s all about massage equipment that makes you feel great.

In this article, we’re diving into why GINTELL has a solid reputation in the massage chair industry. We’ll uncover what makes their chairs special and how they bring awesome benefits.

So, let’s explore why GINTELL is a big name in the massage chair industry!

Features and Benefits of GINTELL Massage Chairs

GINTELL massage chairs offer numerous features and benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. 6D Dual Hand Massage Track

GINTELL Massage Chairs bring you a revolutionary 6D Dual Hand Massage Track.

This innovative feature means that the massage track is divided into two segments, each with its own unique protrusion length.

GINTELL massage chair is equipped with6D dual hand massage track

This setup ensures a comprehensive massage experience that targets both upper and lower body muscles, providing deep tissue relief like never before.

2. Zero Gravity Recline

Imagine the sensation of weightlessness as GINTELL’s Zero Gravity Recline elevates your legs above your heart, evenly distributing your body weight.

This position promotes relaxation, improved blood circulation, and reduced pressure on your spine – all contributing to a rejuvenating massage experience.

3. Master Stretch 230°

Stretch your cares away with the Master Stretch 230° feature. This program offers a full-body stretch that focuses on your neck, shoulders, back, waist, and lower body.

By gently elongating your muscles and releasing tension, this feature helps you unwind and feel refreshed.

4. Healthcare Programs

GINTELL’s Massage Chairs come equipped with a range of Healthcare Programs tailored to your needs.

The GINTELL massage chair featured auto massage programs

From stress relief to tension release, these programs offer targeted massages that cater to specific areas of your body, ensuring a holistic and personalized massage experience.

5. Ai Massage Roller Balls

GINTELL’s Ai Massage Roller Balls bring next-level comfort.

These rollers have an auto-protrusion feature, extending 12cm for a deep and relaxing massage. They navigate your body’s contours, mimicking the expert hands of a massage therapist, providing a truly indulgent massage.

6. Dynamic Massage Techniques

Experience a symphony of Dynamic Massage Techniques. From gentle kneading to invigorating tapping, GINTELL’s massage chairs offer a variety of techniques that can be tailored to your preferences.

These techniques simulate the hands of a skilled masseuse, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

7. Airbag Massage System

Indulge in the pampering Airbag Massage System that GINTELL Massage Chairs offer.

The GINTELL massage chair is equipped with airbags for better massage

Strategically placed airbags envelop your body, providing a rhythmic compression massage that targets muscles from multiple angles. This enveloping sensation helps release tension and promotes relaxation throughout your body.

Pros and Cons


  • AI technology for personalized massages
  • Comprehensive massage techniques and programs
  • Zero gravity recline for improved relaxation
  • Heat therapy for muscle relaxation
  • Advanced features like Bluetooth and music therapy


  • Premium pricing
  • Size may not fit all users
  • Complex setup and learning curve for advanced features

Comparison of Different GINTELL Massage Chairs

Features S9 SuperChAiR DeSpace UFO DéSpace Moon-X
AI Voice Control Yes No No
Massage Track 6D Dual Hand Aero V-Track Ai-Vitec Massage Hand
Zero Gravity Yes No No
Leg & Ankle Traction Yes 360° Calf Massage
Full-Body Stretch Master Stretch 230° 180° Space Stretch 230° Master Stretch
Airbag Massage Full Airbag Massage Pampering Airbag Palm Acupuncture
Heat Therapy Yes No X-Twist Spa
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
Massage Techniques 6 Techniques Tapping & Kneading 9 Techniques

Customer Reviews

The GINTELL has garnered praise from satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of their massage chairs firsthand.

  • Bought this product for my parents! super comfortable and worth it!Tan
  • I would love to buy this product again!Jama

Is a GINTELL Massage Chair Right for You?

A GINTELL massage chair is a perfect fit for:

  1. Busy professionals need quick relaxation.
  2. Fitness enthusiasts seeking muscle recovery.
  3. Chronic pain sufferers crave relief.
  4. Holistic wellness seekers value total well-being.
  5. Frequent travelers combating travel discomfort.
  6. Those with limited mobility seek convenience.
  7. Stressed students in need of study breaks.

Where to Purchase a GINTELL Massage Chair?

You can find GINTELL massage chairs at the following locations:

1. Official Website and Stores: Head to GINTELL’s official website for an authentic and secure shopping experience. Explore their complete lineup, detailed features, and pricing, all directly from the source. You can also visit their physical stores.

2. Alibaba: Explore GINTELL massage chairs on Alibaba, where you’ll find various models and competitive pricing. Remember to research sellers for authenticity and quality assurance.


In the world of relaxation, GINTELL stands strong. With a range of massage chairs designed for various needs, GINTELL aims to bring comfort and well-being to your life.

Their chairs cater to busy bees, fitness enthusiasts, pain sufferers, and those seeking a touch of modernity. GINTELL’s chairs offer a path to unwinding, soothing sore muscles, and finding a moment of peace.

Whether through their official website or other platforms, GINTELL’s promise remains the same: a seat of comfort in your journey towards relaxation and tranquility.


Why Are GINTELL Massage Chairs Expensive?

GINTELL massage chairs come with a higher price tag due to a combination of factors. The brand’s strong reputation and advanced features contribute to the cost.

These chairs offer cutting-edge technology, diverse massage techniques, and innovative designs that enhance your relaxation experience.


GINTELL was founded in 1996 by Datuk Goh Cheh Yak. His vision and leadership have shaped the brand’s commitment to delivering quality and innovative wellness solutions.

Are Massage Chairs Worth the Investment in the USA?

Yes, massage chairs can be a worthwhile investment in the USA. They offer convenience, personalized relaxation, and potential therapeutic benefits. If you value regular massages, a massage chair could save you money over time compared to frequent spa visits.

Additionally, having a massage chair at home provides easy access to relaxation and relief whenever you need it.

Should I Choose GINTELL Massage Chairs?

If you’re seeking advanced features, personalized comfort, and a brand known for quality, GINTELL massage chairs are worth considering. They offer a range of models catering to different needs and preferences, making them a suitable investment for those prioritizing relaxation and well-being.

What Makes GINTELL Stand Out?

GINTELL stands out due to its combination of AI technology, innovative massage techniques, and attention to detail.

The brand’s commitment to creating chairs that cater to various individuals and their unique needs sets them apart in the world of massage chairs.

GINTELL Massage Chair Review

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