Earthlite Massage Chair – Is It Worth It?

Earthlite, a renowned name in the massage equipment industry, has established itself as a reputable brand known for its diverse range of massage products.

Among its offerings, Earthlite’s massage chairs stand out as exceptional pieces of relaxation technology.

With a host of advanced features and benefits, these massage chairs redefine the way we experience comfort and well-being.

In this article, we will delve into the remarkable features that make Earthlite massage chairs a coveted choice for those seeking ultimate relaxation.

History of Earthlite

Earthlite Massage Tables traces its origins back to 1975 when its founder, Tomas Nani, crafted his first massage table for a classmate.

In 1987, the brand was officially established, driven by a commitment to quality and environmental sustainability.

Earthlite quickly gained recognition as a trusted massage equipment manufacturer.

Collaborating with experts and embracing eco-friendly practices, Earthlite expanded its product line, including massage chairs.

With global engagement, patent innovations, and a focus on core values, Earthlite continues to offer premium wellness products while making a positive impact on the world.

Features and Benefits

Let’s delve into the standout features of Earthlite’s massage chairs that make them a true game-changer in the world of relaxation and well-being.

1. Aircraft Oval Tube Aluminum Vortex Frame

One of the standout features of Earthlite massage chairs is the aircraft oval tube aluminum Vortex frame.

This isn’t just any frame – it’s designed for strength, durability, and reliability.

The unique oval shape enhances its structural integrity, ensuring that your massage chair is as robust as it is comfortable.

Earthlite features an oval tube aluminum frame in its massage chairs

So, when you settle into your massage, you can rest assured that you’re supported by a frame engineered to perfection.

2. Nature’s Touch Upholstery

Imagine sinking into a massage chair that not only cradles you in comfort but also stands the test of time. Earthlite’s Nature’s Touch upholstery does just that.

This high-quality upholstery isn’t just soft to the touch; it’s designed to be durable, with a luxurious feel.

So, as you unwind during your massage sessions, you’re enveloped in a cocoon of softness that’s built to last.

3. Compact Design

Earthlite massage chairs are built with your convenience in mind.

Their compact design means that relaxation is never out of reach. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or even on the go, you can easily bring your massage chair along.

earthlite massage chair offers compact design

The portability factor doesn’t compromise the comfort or quality of your experience.

It’s your relaxation companion that’s ready to follow you wherever you go.

4. Patented Composite Frame

When it comes to innovation, Earthlite massage chairs have you covered.

The patented composite frame, designed with space-age materials, takes your massage experience to a whole new level.

This frame isn’t just stable; it’s engineered for optimal weight distribution.

The result? Maximum comfort that’s tailored to your body, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in relaxation without worry in the world.

5. Pro-Lite Cushioning System

Comfort is at the heart of every Earthlite massage chair, and the Pro-Lite cushioning system exemplifies this commitment.

Earthlite massage chairs feature pro lite cushioning system

With its two-layer support system, it’s like sinking into a cloud of relaxation.

The Pro-Lite cushioning system ensures that your body is cradled in the right places, offering you unparalleled comfort that makes every massage session a truly rejuvenating experience.

Product Range of Earthlite Portable Massage Chairs

Earthlite has two advanced portable massage chairs. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair

When it comes to merging lightweight design with incredible strength, the Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair stands out.

Crafted with a patent-pending soft and curvy oval tube design, this chair not only adds a touch of style to your setup but also enhances its overall durability.

Earthlite vortex portable massage chair

The oval tubing ensures increased strength, making it a reliable choice for various massage sessions.

The Vortex Portable Massage Chair Package comes complete with an Aircraft Oval Tube Aluminum Vortex frame, Pro-Lite cushioning system, and Nature’s Touch Upholstery.

It also comes with essential accessories such as a carry case, sternum pad, and strap.

With a weight of just 15 lbs, this chair is the epitome of portability without compromising comfort or strength.

Pros and Cons of Vortex Portable Massage Chair


  • Stylish and elegant oval tube design
  • Lightweight aircraft aluminum construction
  • Multiple face, arm, and seat adjustments for optimal client positioning
  • Pro-Lite Cushioning system for premium support
  • Nature’s Touch upholstery, combines durability and softness
  • Portable and easy to set up


  • Slightly lower maximum working weight (300 lbs)

2. Avila II Portable Massage Chair

For those seeking ultimate adjustability and stability, the Avila II Portable Massage Chair is a game-changer.

Its innovative composite Avila II frame, crafted from space-age composite materials, offers unparalleled stability while optimizing weight distribution.

Earthlite Avila portable massage chair

This chair’s leg and seat shapes are coupled with carefully designed angles.

It ensures maximum comfort for clients of all sizes.

The Avila II Portable Massage Chair package includes a chair, a carry case with wheels, a sternum pad, and a valuables pouch.

Its soft support removable cushioning pads wrapped in Nature’s Touch upholstery provide a truly luxurious massage experience.

The chair’s compact design and stainless steel clutches ensure both durability and ease of use.

Pros and Cons of the Avila II Portable Massage Chair


  • Innovative composite Avila II frame for exceptional stability.
  • Infinitely adjustable to accommodate children to adults (up to 350 lbs).
  • Luxurious Soft Support removable cushioning pads.
  • Durable Nature’s Touch upholstery.
  • Stainless steel clutches for added strength.


  • Slightly heavier than the Vortex model (25 lbs).

Comparing the Features: Vortex vs. Avila II

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the key features of the Vortex and Avila II Portable Massage Chairs:

Feature Earthlite Vortex Earthlite Avila II
Weight 15 lbs 25 lbs
Max. Working Weight 300 lbs 350 lbs
Frame Aircraft Aluminum Composite Avila II
Adjustability Multiple adjustments Infinitely adjustable
Cushioning System Pro-Lite™ Soft Support™
Upholstery Nature’s Touch Nature’s Touch
Additional Accessories Carry case, sternum pad Carry case, sternum pad, valuables pouch

Customer Reviews

Opinions on Earthlite massage chairs vary among customers. Let’s examine a selection of reviews to get a clearer picture.

  1. Easy to set up. Wheels on bags are very helpful when carrying other items. – Verified Purchaser
  2. This chair was BROKEN IN HALF UPON receiving. The bar that goes behind the chest piece was completely broken in half. Ridiculous. I can’t believe anyone would sell a broken item and try and get away with it. Don’t waste your money like I did so someone can rip you off. – Jade Hunter
  3. I think this is a great product but I was more than disappointed to have a bag that’s too small and a part of the foot that was broken upon arrival. please send me the proper bag size. – Cassandra McQuoid
  4. As an LMT this chair has done great work for my heavier clients. The price was good as well. Would recommend it as it’s also very lightweight and can travel around with it easily. – Sarah

Where To Buy It?

Here are some of the top places where you can purchase your very own Earthlite massage chair:

1. Official Website: For the full range of choices and authentic products, head straight to the official Earthlite website. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re dealing directly with the source.

2. Amazon: Explore Earthlite massage chairs on Amazon for a convenient online shopping experience. Browse, click, and enjoy the comfort of your choice delivered to your doorstep.

3. eBay: For a unique find, dive into eBay’s listings. Remember to choose trusted sellers for an authentic purchase.

4. Walmart: Visit your local Walmart store or their online platform to explore Earthlite massage chair options from a trusted retailer.

5. Massage Tables Now: Find a dedicated selection of Earthlite massage chairs at Massage Tables Now, a store focused on your well-being needs.


Earthlite, a renowned brand in relaxation, sets the gold standard with its exceptional massage chairs.

With a commitment to quality and innovation, Earthlite offers a range of comfortable and durable chairs that elevate the wellness experience.

Backed by years of expertise, Earthlite continues to be a trusted choice for those seeking ultimate comfort and rejuvenation in their daily lives.


Where are Earthlite Products Made?

Earthlite products are proudly crafted in Southern California, ensuring quality and authenticity in every piece.

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